The Schools of Science and Art

For the promotion of education in Kendal

Councillors of Kendal Town Council

Kendal Town Treasurer

Formed between 1992 and 1993, the Schools of Science and Art charity is the result of an amalgamation of seven older charities all with the common aim of promoting education on Kendal. These were:

  • Schools of Science and Art (Sales Proceeds) – history unknown
  • Sleddall’s Green Coat Charity
  • William Gardiner Memorial Prize Fund
  • The Inglis Prizes
  • Augmentation of Librarian’s Salary Fund
  • Working Men’s Special Book Funds – history unknown
  • Allen Special Book Fund

Sleddall’s Green Coat Charity was set up in 1975 by merging the Sleddall Green Coat School Charity, founded by the will of William Sleddall dated 11th. August 1801: with the Elizabeth Brownrigg Charity, founded by the will of Elizabeth Brownrigg in April 1895.

The William Gardiner Memorial Prize Fund was established in 1945 by the balance of a fund created in memory of William Gardiner. He was the former Head Teacher of Kendal Green School, and the fund’s aim was to provide “annual book prizes for successful scholars of the Kendal Elementary Schools in the Minor Scholarship Examination. Mr Gardiner, affectionately known as ‘Boss Gardiner’ by scholars, was instrumental in improving the standard of local education. During his headship, attendance at the primary school soared and a new wing had to be built to accommodate the influx of pupils.

The Inglis Prizes charity was established in 1879 by the Rev. John Inglis.

James Allen was a Kirkby Lonsdale-born draper who ran his business in Kendal for over 60 years, and after his death, he bequeathed nearly £25,000, which formed two of the original charities, – the Augmentation of the Librarian’s Salary Fund and the Allen Special Book Fund. Allen’s trustees donated £10,000 of this money for the building of the Allen Institute in 1912.

The current balance of these funds is around £14,000. Requests from people or organisations from within Kendal for a grant from this charity will be considered by the Council, providing its use is within the purpose set out above.