Town Twinning – Rinteln






The twinning was initiated by the then Mayor of Kendal, John Studholme. At a public meeting in July 1991 a shortlist of four potential twin towns was discussed, and the meeting voted for Rinteln, as it seemed to be the most similar in characteristics to Kendal. The Kendal-Rinteln Association was formed, and the partnership was officially started by the signing of the Twinning Charter on Torchlight evening in September 1992.Rinteln is situated on the River Weser in the region of Lower Saxony approximately 60 kilometres west of Hanover and 25 kilometres North West of Hamelin of Pied Piper fame. Rinteln, with its small but fine Altstadt (old town) is considered a jewel of the Weser Renaissance (1520-1620). The historic centre with its market place is decked out with gorgeous bay windows, gables, shell ornaments, fan-rosettes, scrolls, cornices and a host of timber frames. A wonderful setting in the Weser Renaissance style, therefore, which, thanks to a new pedestrian zone can be enjoyed even better.

Twinning Links 

Over the past twenty years since the twinning charter was signed in Kendal Town Hall in September 1992, the Kendal Rinteln Association has worked tirelessly to promote Kendal to the inhabitants of Rinteln and its surrounding villages. So successful have they been that several hundred inhabitants of Rinteln have visited Kendal, and all without question have been enthralled by it charm and the beauty of the Lake District National Park. Many people have visited several times; others have developed close friendships with Kendal families which will last a lifetime. Educational links have played an important role in cementing friendship between the young people of our twin towns. Formal links exist between Heron Hill Primary School and Grundschule Nord Primary School in Rinteln as well as between Vicarage Park Primary School and Exten Primary School located in a village just outside Rinteln. Over the past few years a number of Kendal sixth form students have attended the annual Rinteln Sommeruni helping to foster Anglo German relations. Cultural links have always played an important part in the twinning relationship. The Kendal Concert Band, the K Shoe Male Voice Choir and the Westmorland Step and Garland Dancers have always been well received on their frequent visits to Rinteln. The Kendal Young Singers visit in the 1990s is still fondly remembered by older Rintelners.  Sporting links have developed in recent years. In particular the visits of the Kendal Boys Under 17 football team and the Kendal Ladies football team have attracted significant local press interest. The visit of a team from the Rinteln Boxing Club to Kendal was a highlight for all the young boxers that attended.

The Mural in Elephant Yard, Kendal

When a new shopping centre in Elephant Yard, Kendal was completed in 1999 the main square was named Rinteln Square. To commemorate this, the Kendal Rinteln Association commissioned a well known local artist Maggie Berkovitz to produce a ceramic mural depicting the various links between the two twin towns. The mural was officially unveiled by the Mayor of Rinteln Karl Heinz Buchholz in May 2001.  

Twentieth Anniversary Celebrations – 2012 

The twentieth anniversary of the twinning links between Kendal and Rinteln occurs in 2012 and special celebrations are planned to mark the anniversary. In August a large party from Kendal including the Mayor of Kendal along with the Kendal Concert Band attendedthe “Altstadt Festival” and promoting Kendal in Rinteln. In late October, the Rinteln Fire Brigade Orchestra and a folk dance group visited Kendal and performed at the Market Place, the Birdcage  and at the Annual Oktoberfest at Queen Katherine School as well as a concert and civic reception in Kendal Town Hall.

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is called the ‘Gateway to Ireland’s Majestic South West’ our first similarity. The second being it has a wonderful lake district on its doorstep.  Thirdly, it also has all year round indoor and outdoor attractions such as horse riding, golf, mountaineering, boating and rambling.






Killarney has been aptly described over time as “Heaven’s Reflex” and “Beauty’s Home”, Killarney is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There is a magical mix of woodland, lake, islands and high rugged mountains, all within a heritage rich and intimate lush valley. Their ancient history and heritage goes back over 7500 years.  There are world class facilities that abound in Killarney and the surrounding southwest “gulf-stream” coast of Ireland.

For over 250 years we have been looking after the needs of visitors from around the world and we aim to make each visitor feel as welcome as the very first. The welcome in Killarney and discover an endless treasure of beautiful landscapes, ancient history & heritage, warm friendly people, world class hospitality and activities and, the odd sprinkling of Heaven’s very own rain.






The Irish Red Deer, the largest native Irish mammal, has only survived in an unbroken line in the Killarney valley where it has lived since the end of the last ice age some 12,000 years ago.