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20mph Supporters Meeting

Circulating as requested by one of our local residents. Written by Paul Holdsworth.
20mph Supporters Meeting Zoom – Thursday 8thApril at 7.30pm

Come to a free zoom meeting for 20mph supporters aimed at building teamwork to persuade Cumbria County Councillors and Police to support 20mph as normal.

Fight together as a team to win 20mph limits #ActOn20mph. Share your talents. Slides talk with Anna Semlyen National 20’s Plenty for Us Campaign Manager. Question and Answers chaired by Paul Holdsworth – 20’s Plenty for Cumbria lead.

Cumbria Council has no written speed policy. Let’s get it written saying 20’s Plenty where people are.

Supporters only please for our first meeting so the energy is positive as this helps us to delegate to get actions underway. Examples of actions elsewhere include zoom presentations to County Councillors, motions to Parish Councillors, Meeting the Police and Crime Commissioner, Director of Public Health, Questions to full Council, Social Media, Press Releases, distributing stickers and other materials, ringing round Councillors.

Topic: 20’s Plenty for Cumbria Supporters Get Together – plan a county wide campaign to normalise 20mph

Time: Apr 8, 2021 07:30 PM London

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Meeting ID: 898 2023 1627

Passcode: 20mph

Come and go as you want to. There’s no waiting room. All supporters are welcome
Paul Holdsworth

20s Plenty for Cumbria