Kendal Town Council

Environment Agency Article in KTC Newsletter

​​Kendal Town Council have recently included an update from the Environment Agency regarding the Flood Defence programme in its latest newsletter, delivered to Kendal residents in early March.

Kendal Town Council have included a direct update from the Environment Agency for the last three newsletters as we consider the subject to be an important news item for residents. The wording and information within the article, as stated at the beginning of the article, is directly from EA and not Kendal Town Council’s copy. The article has been shared on the ‘Save Kendal Riverside Trees’ Facebook group and the editor has received several emails to complain that the article is not balanced.

Kendal Town Council’s Planning Committee are supportive of the proposed flood defence scheme. Please read the Committees resolution here under Planning Committee, 17th December Minutes, Resolution 703 / 2018/19 and subsequent minutes which show the ongoing work Kendal Town Council are involved with regarding the committee’s ongoing commitment to engagement and negotiation to benefit the town.

Kendal Town Council’s Environment and Highways Committees have also published a response, available on this page, underneath E&H Committee.

Following Kendal Town Council’s position it follows that we extended an invitation to the EA to share their updates via the KTC Newsletter. However, we agree a realistic picture of what is proposed and a stronger reference to the objections received to date would have made the article more balanced.

It has also been brought to our attention that the image below is a better representation of the proposed plans than the image we featured in the newsletter, which we believe is now outdated.

If residents want to speak directly to their Town Councillors about this subject, please follow this link for Councillor contact details.