Kendal Town Council

Help create a future vision for Kendal

You are needed!

We encourage you to attend a public workshop to create a future vision for kendal.

Share what is important to you, share your local knowledge, share your views on how Kendal can be made better.
There will be an exhibition, questionnaires, open discussions and debates addressing the bigger issues as well as the particular things that are important to you .The workshops will explore the problems, dreams and solutions for the town.

The workshop will be held at the Shakespeare Centre, just off Highgate in the yard next to the Shakespeare Tavern. Drop in anytime, stay for a few minutes, a few hours or for the whole event. The success of the Vision depends on the involvement of the town and we really hope you will come along and participate in the sessions.

There will be a local business drop-in at:
5.00pm on Thursday 3rd October

For the public workshop, doors open at:
1.45pm on Friday 4th October
11.00am on Saturday 5th October

Please also come along the feedback session at 6.45 pm on Tuesday 8th October in Kendal Town Hall where we’ll share the consensus and learnings from the public event.


For more information please visit or contact or 0800 0126730.