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Kendal Branding Toolkit

The Kendal Branding Toolkit provides businesses and promoters with everything they need to start working with Kendal’s new destination branding including fonts, icons, colours and an ever expanding image library.

The new destination identity reflects that Kendal is traditional market town built on the wool trade that has developed into a diverse cultural hub. The logo is itself inspired by woollen threads being fed on to a loom.

Here you’ll find a brand of playful patterns and inspiring imagery, full of character and characters.

The brand guidelines

This is where you will find everything you need to start using the Kendal brand, including the logo, fonts and colour palette, as well as guidelines on copywriting for Kendal.

Download Kendal Brand Guidelines

Telling Kendal’s story

The brand guidelines have practical phrases, paragraphs and copy examples to help you describe and promote Kendal, and all it offers, in your own marketing and promotional material.

Kendal Branding

Inspired by wool, the Kendal logo is rooted in tradition but like the town it represents, it has a contemporary edge. This is Kendal’s master logo and it should only be reproduced in Kendal Green as shown here (or white, if reversed out of a block colour or image). A Mono version is also available.

Minimum size

The Kendal logo is designed primarily for display purposes. Full details can be found in the brand guidelines.  The minimum size for the master (preferred) logo is 30 mm.

A very small block version of the lettering is available which sits with icon uses in social media applications. This should only be used in the very tightest of spaces.

The logos can be downloaded for your own use. Please read the brand guidelines first.

Kendal Master Logo Colour

Kendal Master Logo Mono – Reverse

Kendal Minimum Size Logo Colour

Kendal Minimum Size Logo Mono – Reverse

Kendal Social Media Icon Colour

Kendal Social Media Icon Mono – Reverse

Local Icons

To compliment the logo a suite of 12 icons can be used to reflect and promote Kendal. They have been devised to work across a wide range of applications.  Click on the links below to access the logo files.

Arts & Culture


Education & Learning

Events & Festivals

Food & Drink

History & Heritage

Parks & Gardens



Sports & Leisure

Tourist Information

Travel & Transport



Chosen for its clarity, warmth and modern look, Tondo compliments the logo.

The Tondo font is free to use if you have an Adobe Cloud Account or it can be purchased here.

An alternative to Adobe is available here.

About the branding

Kendal Futures has developed this destination brand for Kendal, in partnership with the town’s stakeholders, organisations and businesses. The project was funded by South Lakeland District Council and Kendal BID.

The brand was created by Cactus Creative and aims to promote Kendal’s distinctive offer for local people, visitors and businesses.

Use of the Kendal branding – terms and conditions

Copyright for the branding is held by Kendal Futures.

Kendal Futures welcome the use of the Kendal branding, logos, icons and imagery to help promote our town and feel free to use it on your own promotional materials, websites and in social media, along with links to

The branding is not intended to be used for commercial purposes, such as on goods for sale. If you would like to use the branding on products or materials for sale, please contact us with details of your proposal and examples of your proposed products.  Kendal Futures will consider your request and if approved, may ask for a percentage of the profits to be used to support future promotional activities for the town.

If you have any questions about the branding and its use please contact Paula Scott at Kendal Futures on 01539 793284 or email