Kendal Town Council

Keep Kendal Mint Clean is an ongoing campaign which aims to ensure that residents and visitors alike enjoy the benefits and pleasures our town offers in clean and tidy environs.

We appreciate and are thankful to the many Kendal residents who habitually ensure their rubbish is disposed of appropriately and especially those many dog-walkers who assiduously remove their dog’s mess whenever they take them out for their exercise.

Community Litter Picks

KKMC would like to encourage community and neighbourhood groups to organise litter picks in their own localities. As a consequence of the Clean for the Queen week-end KTC has 40+ litter pickers in storage and invite local voluntary groups to borrow these along with some high-viz jackets. Please contact the Town Council  01539 793490 or  if you are interested in organising your local community litter pick.


We have asked Kendal residents to help us in locating areas in the town that are prone to gathering litter. In order to see the scale of the problems around the town we have plotted these on a map.

Clearly, this will be a changing picture and we would appreciate the ongoing support of the Kendal community in keeping this picture up-to-date. As above please contact the Town Council office if you observe any problematic areas.

Litter/ Dog-poop bins

It would also be helpful if residents could identify the need for additional litter bins in specific locations around the town and locations where dog walkers appear to be especially lax in clearing up the mess that their pets leave behind.

However, please understand that KKMC and all its activities are undertaken by volunteers and we cannot promise that your concerns will be alleviated immediately. If you would like to be included in the KKMC Support group and help with Community Litter picks etc please let the Town Council office know.

Long Term Objective

The eventual success of Keep Kendal Mint Clean should not be measured by the number or frequency of ‘community litter’ picks but by the absence of them due to the ongoing improvement in the cleanliness of our town. We do not assume it is going to happen overnight!

Thank you for supporting our efforts to Keep Kendal Mint Clean!