Kendal Town Council

Kendal’s Legendary Landscape Project

Kendal’s Legendary Landscape Trail provides an insight into what the land around us looked like before people lived here and how and why it changed during the thousands of years after they arrived.  Using plants that are symbolic of those times, the project transforms planters, odd-corners and other small areas of Kendal into chapters in the long story of our changing landscape.

A trail is being developed to connect residents and visitors with the history, heritage and natural environment of the town. It will use plants (and a few animals) to highlight changes from pre-historic to current times and perhaps even into the future.

It’s the story of our people and the way in which they lived in the landscapes around them. And it’s a chance to consider what kind of landscape we should be creating for future generations.

Kendal Town Council’s Kendal in Bloom Committee is proud to have supported this exciting project since its inception. The committee has allocated further funds to assist with the future development of the trail and looks forward to sharing updates as the plans prgress.

More information coming soon.