Kendal Town Council

New Trees for Kendal Town Centre Planters

Nine trees which have outgrown planters in the centre of Kendal are to be re-planted in a nearby park.

South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) and Kendal Town Council will carefully lift the planters in Highgate and take them to Gooseholme Park where they will have more space to grow and mature.

Within a few days nine replacement trees will be placed in the planters in Highgate.

Councillor Dyan Jones, SLDC’s Portfolio Holder for Environment said: “This tree management project will enable the larger trees, which have been in the planters for around 10 years, to be re-planted at Gooseholme where there is room for them, enabling the planters in the town centre to take new smaller trees.

“It’s a joint venture with SLDC paying for the removal and re-planting of the large trees and Kendal Town Council paying for the new trees and the future maintenance of them.”

Any spring planting disturbed by the removal of the trees from the planters will be donated to community groups and used elsewhere.

Work to lift and re-plant the trees is expected to start on Monday 4 March.