Kendal Town Council

Kendal Town Council is managed by Councillors who meet as a Full Council every eight weeks.

Please visit the KTC calender for the latest meeting dates of each committee. Below you’ll find the agendas for meetings of the council and its committees. Please note that minutes remain draft until the next meeting of the committee that created them.

Actions are agreed and managed by the following committees:

Mangement Committee

  • Oversees Staffing
  • Develops and monitors projects

Planning Committee

  • Reviews planning applications

Environment & Highways Committee

  • Co-ordinates Climate Emergency response
  • Supports parks & open spaces improvements
  • Supports footpaths and Cycle Route improvements
  • Manages Council assets such as signs, seats, lighting, litter bins and bus shelters

Kendal in Bloom Committee

  • Co-ordinates floral displays
  • Delivers community projects
  • Manages ‘In Bloom’ competitions

Audits, Charities and Grant Committee

  • Reviews and manages Auditor’s reports
  • Manages Health & Safety
  • Co-ordinates Grant applications

Christmas Lights and Festivals

  • Manages Christmas Lights display
  • Organises the switch-on event
  • Co-ordinates Festival Grants


  • Manages and maintains Kendal’s allotments

Mayoralty & Arts

  • Co-ordinates Mayoralty and the Mayor’s Parlour presentations
  • Delivers Mayoralty ceremonies and civic occasions
  • Manages the Town Council’s artefact collection