Kendal Town Council


As previously reported, Kendal Town Council decided after consideration to dispose by auction of our no longer used wooden heritage furniture, except for one specimen of each piece to be kept for posterity.

The late 19th century oak furniture, comprising 22 desks, 19 carver chairs and 15 chairs plus a long desk and Clerk’s desk, were sold individually at auction by 1818 Auctioneers at the J36 Auction Centre on Tuesday 8th October 2019.

We are very pleased to report that all items sold and often for a price exceeding the estimate. Chairs sold for around £100 each (estimate £20-30), carvers for around £200 (estimate £50-80) and desks for £140-250 depending on condition (estimate £150-200). In addition, the long desk went for £360 and the Clerk’s desk for £600.

The net proceeds from the sale are £8,602.80 and this sum will be ringfenced in our Arts & Heritage reserve and used for the future repair, conservation and restoration of the Council’s many heritage items.

The Mayor of Kendal, Councillor Alvin Finch said “We are very pleased with the result of this sale and the money raised will be used for the maintenance of our heritage collection. I hope by its sale that the furniture will continue to be cared for and used and most importantly enjoyed.”

17th October 2019