Kendal Town Council

Town Council backs Manifesto for Football

Kendal Town Councillors voted to support the principles in Fair Game’s manifesto
‘Solutions for our National Sport’ at their council meeting on Monday night. Town
Mayor, Cllr Doug Rathbone said, ‘the council is delighted to support this initiative,
which reflects the value of football at the very heart of our communities’. The motion
was brought by Cllr Chris Hogg (Heron Hill ward), who said: “Kendal has kicked off a
debate that every town hall in this country should be having. This is a once-in-alifetime
opportunity to safeguard and strengthen football clubs as civic and
community assets and to avoid some of the disasters that have arisen from
inadequate oversight and dubious decision making.”. The Council called on Minister
for Sport, Nigel Huddleston MP, to endorse the ethos behind Fair Game’s campaign,
and join them in reasserting the values of sustainability, integrity and community in
our national game.