Kendal Town Council

Town Council to fund Serpentine Play improvements

 Kendal Town Council has approved a plan to invest £5,000 in improving natural play facilities in Serpentine Woods, Kendal. The money will help restore many of the existing features, including the much-loved alphabet and nature trails. The move follows consultation with local schools, the Fellside Forum and Kendal Conservation Volunteers. There will also be new visitor leaflets and a dedicated area on, matched by updated QR codes on the entrance signs.

Chair of the Town Council’s Environment and Highways Committee, Cllr Eamonn Hennessy said, ‘this is a good example of how local partnerships can improve facilities for residents and visitors. The woods are owned and managed by the district council, but we can bring additional resources and community buy-in.’ Mayor of Kendal, Cllr Doug Rathbone said, ‘Kendal Town Council is keen to ensure there is continued investment in our parks and open spaces. We know that there will be challenges as South Lakeland and Cumbria merge their operations in a few months, and we want to make sure that our vital green areas get the resources they need.’

Picture shows restored painted magpie sculpture in Serpentine Woods, Kendal, funded by Kendal Town Council.