Kendal Town Council

Waiting list

The demand for allotments in Kendal has increased dramatically over the past year. There is a waiting list in operation for all sites and you would probably be waiting at least 2 years to be offered an allotment.

There is a longer wait for Castle Haggs & Ext, Canal Head and Greenside. Greenside has the longest list and the turnover of plots is small.  The waiting list currently stands  at 21 with an approximate wait of around 3/4 years for an allotment.   We are looking at splitting plots on Greenside when they become vacant.

If you would like anymore information on vacant plots or to go onto the waiting list please contact Janine Holt 01539 793495 or email


Applying for an Allotment

Firstly,  you need to decide which site you would like to be on.  The allotment sites vary quite considerably in size, plots, layout etc and it is worthwhile spending some time visiting each site and deciding the most suitable for your needs.

There are a number of things to consider when deciding to take on an allotment plot:

  • Geographical location of the allotment
  • Accessibilty of allotment
  • Time commitment
  • Personal circumstances
  • Equipment required
  • Cost
  • Knowledge

The allotment officer will contact you and discuss personal requirements before she allocates any  plots.  It is extremely important to provide an up to date contact number, the allotment officer will always try to contact you during office hours.

Allotments are priced at 0.40p per square metre and sizes vary.  Upon allocation of a plot, you will be expected to pay a full years rent and a refundable (subject to conditions) deposit equal to the annual rent.

The tenant is required to sign a tenancy agreement, this document is non negotiable.  The development of the tenancy agreement is managed by the Allotments Committee.  Read minutes or find further information on the Allotments Committee.

If you would like to apply for an allotment please forward your contact details to clearly stating which site you desire.  Please find a map of all Kendal Allotment Sites .