Kendal Town Council

Kendal’s Allotments

Kendal boasts an impressive 503 allotment plots over 17 sites throughout Kendal.

Kendal Town Council manage all allotment plots in Kendal via Janine Holt, Council Services Officer and Pierre Labat, the Townscape Officer.

Both regularly visit sites to maintain them and support tenants.

Kendal Town Councillors oversee the management of Kendal’s allotments via the Allotments Committee.

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Please direct all allotment enquiries to Janine Holt on 01539 793495 or via

Applying for an Allotment

Waiting list

The demand for allotments in Kendal is significant. Each site has a waiting list of at least 18 months.

There is a longer wait for Castle Haggs & Ext, Canal Head and Greenside. Greenside has the longest list and the turnover of plots is small.  The waiting list currently stands  at 21 with an approximate wait of around 3/4 years for an allotment.   We are looking at splitting plots on Greenside when they become vacant.

Kendal allotment sites vary quite considerably in size, plots and layout. It is worthwhile spending some time visiting each site to decide which suits your needs before applying to be added to the waiting list.

There are a number of things to consider when deciding to take on an allotment plot:

  • Geographical location of the allotment
  • Accessibilty of allotment
  • Time commitment
  • Personal circumstances
  • Equipment required
  • Cost
  • Knowledge

The allotment officer will contact you and discuss personal requirements before she allocates any  plots.  It is extremely important to provide an up to date contact number, the allotment officer will always try to contact you during office hours.

Allotments are priced at 0.41p per square metre and sizes vary.  Upon allocation of a plot, you will be expected to pay a full years rent and a refundable (subject to conditions) deposit equal to the annual rent.

The tenant is required to sign a tenancy agreement, this document is non negotiable.  The development of the tenancy agreement is managed by the Allotments Committee (insert committee link when ready).

To apply for an allotment email your contact details to clearly stating which site you desire.  Please find a map of all Kendal Allotment Sites here.

Allotment Rent

The allotment rent is decided by Kendal Town Councillors each year in November.  Allotment rent received from tenants is used towards the cost of administration, Officer time, water bills, repairs and renewing of fencing and boundary walls, pest control and minor tree cutting. The current rent has been calculated at 0.40 p per m2.

Each allotment holder signs a Tenancy Agreement. The agreement states that cockerels are not permitted on any of the allotment sites and hens are only permitted on Coley Barn, Sandylands, Underley Hill, Underley Road and Shaws Brow.  Tenants found with cockerels on their plots will be asked to remove them immediately as this is a breach of the terms and conditions of the Tenancy Agreement.


The Town Council encourages all allotmenteers to think about encouraging biodiversity via a  ‘More Veg – More Life’ project.

So, if you are an established alloment holder or are new to renting an allotment, lotment, here are a few areas in which you could make a difference:

Enhance the soil by not walking on beds and aiming for ‘no dig’
Minimal or no use of pesticides or slug pellets
No artificial fertilisers
Have at least one compost bin
Use water butts for rain water collection
Grow a variety of crops and include some flowers
Use natural weed suppressants such as mulch or green manures
Create habitats.

If you would like more information, please contact


Cumbria Wildlife Trust are hosting a first aid course for hedgehogs, for more information on the course please click on the link below:

Hedgehog course poster (1)