Kendal Town Council

Council Committees

Committee Membership




Town Council business except Planning
Every two months. First Monday. Also first Monday in June. All Councillors
Policy and resources, budgeting, administration and staffing
Development & Training        Project monitoring
Alternate first Monday of the month
9 Members

S.Coleman (Chair) J.Dunlop (Vice Chair)
J. Cornthwaite (Mayor)
A. Finch (Chair of Allotments), H. Ladhams (Chair of Culture and Communities), D. Rathbone (Chair of Planning)
E. Hennessy (Chair of Environment )
A. Blackman (Chair of Kendal in Bloom), S. Long (Kendal Futures rep),
C Russell (Chair of Audit)
Management, inspection & development of allotments
Quarterly 6 Members + 3   co-opted Members (on a rotational basis)

A. Finch (Chair), G. Archibald (Vice Chair)
J. Cornthwaite, L. Edwards, C. Hardy, L Hendry
Oversees Council’s Audit and Governance arrangements including Auditor’s reports, Health & Safety and Risk Assessments
Quarterly 7 Members

C Russell (Chair), J. Dunlop,  D. Rathbone (Vice-Chair),
M. Helme, L. Edwards, S. Coleman, D. Evans
Kendal in Bloom
Kendal in Bloom
Cumbria in Bloom
Floral displays  Community projects
Quarterly 6 Members + 5 co-opted Members

A. Blackman (Chair),  R.Sutton (Vice-Chair),
L. Hendry, D. Brown, E. Hennessy, A Finch
Culture and Communities
Community grants and policies, Christmas Lights and School of Science & Art Charity
Quarterly 8 Members

H. Ladhams (Chair), M. Helme (Vice-Chair)
C. Russell, R. Sutton, K. Simpson, P. Thornton, S Long, L. Edwards
Parks & open spaces; Climate Change
Footpaths and Cycle Routes
Seats, lighting, litter bins and bus shelters
Every two months 9 Members

E. Hennessy (Chair), G. Archibald (Vice Chair)
S. Long,  M. Helme, D. Brown, K Simpson, S. Blunden, J. Cornthwaite, C. Russell
Mayoralty and Heritage
Mayoralty & Mayor’s Parlour presentations
Ceremonies & civic occasions      Town Council’s artefact collection
Collection and retention policy
Display and storage of our heritage
Kendal Museum
Quarterly 9 Members

 J. Cornthwaite (Chair) , R Sutton (Vice-chair)
J. Brook, G. Tirvengadum, S. Coleman,  J. Dunlop,
M. Severn, D. Rathbone.



Planning applications
and consultations related to Town and Country Planning, spatial planning and development
Twice Monthly
1st & 3rd Mondays
9 Members

D. Rathbone (Chair), H.Ladhams (Vice-Chair),
D. Miles, L. Edwards, R. Edwards, A Finch,

J. Cornthwaite, A. Campbell, G.Supka


Kendal Town Council is managed by dedicated Councillors who meet as a Full Council every eight weeks. Most of its decisions are delegated to the work of Committees.

Below you’ll find the agendas for meetings of the council and its committees. Please note that minutes remain draft until the next meeting of the committee that created them.

Follow these links for guidance on Public Participation at Committee meetings and the protocol on the recording & filming of Council meetings.


  • Reviews the actions of all Committees
  • Considers issues of interest to the people of Kendal generally
  • Elects the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Kendal
  • Sets annual budgets including the Council’s Precept
Planning Committee
  • Reviews all planning applications in Kendal
  • Develops the Town Council’s responses to consultations and the Local Plan
  • Coordinates the Town Council’s oversight of the Kendal Flood Relief Scheme through a Working Group