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What should Kendal do about climate change?

After weeks of listening to Climate Change experts (see presentations here) and debating the information shared about energy, transport, food and political leadership; members of the Kendal Climate Change Citizens Jury have agreed 27 recommendations to answer the question ‘What Should Kendal do about Climate Change?’. 

The recommendations are summarised below and can be accessed in full via this link – READ THE FULL RECOMMENDATIONS HERE

Thanks to crowdfunder supporters,SLDC funding and the skills and generosity of Land & Sky media, a short film featuring Jury members has been created, please click on the image below to view it.


Supported by facilitators Shared Futureand co-ordinated by Kendal Town Council, the Jury have focused on key areas that if achieved would see Kendal become a ‘shining light’ of positive climate action.  The Jury members reflected Kendal’s community and the recommendations cover aspects of daily life where changes would benefit both the environment and the health and wellbeing of residents.

The expert presentations demonstrate how Jury members arrived at their conclusions.

The next step for Kendal’s Citizens Jury is a Recommendations Panel where organisations will be invited twice a year to share progress and best practice and develop partnership approaches to climate challenges. The Recommendations Panel will be chaired by Kendal Town Council who will share progress reports whilst developing their own action plan to implement recommendations.

To sign up to updates please join the Citizens Jury mailing list via the sign up form at

Kendal Town Council is grateful to Cllr. Giles Archibald, Cllr. Chris Rowley, Cllr. Eamonn Hennessy and Cllr. Jon Owen with advice from Kendal resident Professor Rebecca Willis (who has written extensively on politics and climate change) and local author Professor Mike Berners Lee who wrote ‘There Is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years’ for their help developing Kendal’s Citizens Jury.

Zero Carbon Inspiration Hub – prototype

Recommendations Panel Minutes