Kendal Town Council

Amazing Response to Climate Change Crowdfunder!

Kendal Town Council’s crowdfunder for a Citizen’s Jury has already raised over 60% of funds needed with 115 supporters and just 14 days left.

There are 47 comments from contributors, indicating a real belief in this process as a way of community engagement in our future.  All these comments will be displayed at the Jury meetings.

Climate change will be the biggest factor to influence business and community in the next 10 years.  The challenges we face need to be a genuine community response and it is likely that local businesses will find real opportunities amongst the challenges.

The Citizen’s Jury in Leeds, for example, proposed a local investment fund and a green bond available for the local community to invest in.

We are now looking to both individuals and businesses to help complete our funding over the next 2 weeks.   Small contributions with a supportive comment are welcomed as much as larger ones,  as one of our aims is to demonstrate wide support and understanding of this issue from business as well as individuals. Donate here. 

Simon Blunden of Miller Clear Architects said “We are donating to the crowdfunder as we see it as a fantastic opportunity to empower the local community. As a small business we rely on a thriving town and the citizen’s jury will help propose ways in which the local council can support and protect us in the future.”