Kendal Town Council

Kendal Town Council approve significant funding for Stricklandgate House and Waste into Wellbeing

Kendal Town Council has approved a £20,000 funding package to help local charity Waste into Wellbeing. The cash will support Waste into Wellbeing to expand their positive impact by creating a dedicated café and professional kitchen at Stricklandgate House in the centre of Kendal.

Internal building works will create an access to link a new low-carbon professional kitchen to a café area. New interior design features will ensure the newly created space is warm, welcoming and accessible to all. The funding will also support the charity’s rental costs whilst they establish the café and develop the business planning side for their operation.

Cllr Eamonn Hennessy, who chairs the Town Council’s Environment committee, welcomed the decision. ‘This is a real step forward in developing awareness of positive action on climate change in Kendal. It’s brilliant to bring partners together at Stricklandgate House – a historic building at the heart of our town’.

The Council’s contribution acts as positive seed-funding to attract additional money and broaden the remit of the café space. It fulfils the Kendal Climate Change Citizen’s Jury recommendation to create a ‘one stop shop’ of climate action. Once completed, visitors can expect the café to link them to low carbon food, transport initiatives, repair opportunities, training events and creative invitations to share their ideas and concerns. For more information contact