Kendal Town Council

Grants & Funding

Kendal Town Council offers grants and funding to organisations and groups that serve the people of Kendal.

Who can apply?

You can apply if you are a not-for-profit organisation or group, serving the people of Kendal.

If you’re not one of these, perhaps because you are a statutory body, a commercial business, or an individual, then you’re unlikely to be funded through our grants scheme.

You should be helping the Council to achieve its vision of a healthy, creative town, where nature recovery and the crisis caused by climate change are treated as a priority.

How much can you apply for?

We offer a range of funding, for a range of topics.

Larger community funding proposal

Up to £5,000 to support established groups or organisations deliver services to the people of Kendal. For organisations which the council feels are strategically important, three-year funding agreements may be available.

KTC-CFP2-Community-Funding-Proposal-2024-25 (R)

Smaller community support grants

Up to £500 for small-scale projects or endeavours.

KTC-CSG1-Community-Support-Grant-application-2024-25 (R)

Larger Festivals grants

Up to £5,000 to support established or large-scale festivals which enhance the town’s image and promote the issues which the council feels are important.

KTC-FFP1 Festival Funding-Proposal-2024-25 (R)

Start-up/small festivals grants

Up-to £500, for toes in the water, market research, viability assessment or just modest gigs with minimal overheads.

KTC FDG1 Festival Development.Support Grant application 2024-25 (R)

Biodiversity grants

Up to £500 for projects which support nature recovery in Kendal. Larger applications are welcomed and will be considered on a case by case basis, please contact to discuss your project.

KTC BG1 Biodiversity Grant application 2022

Kendal in Bloom Grants

Up to £500 for projects which support the aims of Kendal in Bloom, bringing sustainable floral colour to our Auld Grey Town.

KTC KiB1 Kendal in Bloom Grant application 2022

What else will I need to do?

Before you get a grant, you’ll have to jump through the proper hoops.

  • You’ll need to complete an application form. Make sure you get the right one, and that you complete all the boxes.
  • You’ll need a bank account. We can’t pay individuals and we won’t make direct payments to your creditors. We ask for a copy of your last bank statement, or audited accounts.
  • You’ll need a constitution. You need to show us you have arrangements in place to ensure your decisions are legal, and supported by your members (or your management). Your constitution should also show that you are committed to equality, and that you take the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults seriously. You’ll also need to show us how you are combating Climate Change through your actions.
  • You’ll need to tell us about your funding needs. You’ll need to show that we aren’t your only source of funds, and that you are at least exploring other options.
  • You’ll need to tell us what you’re going to do with your grant.
  • You’ll need it signed off. Your application will need to be signed by at least three people in a position of authority in your organisation.

The Council has agreed to give me a grant – what now?

If your grant application is successful, we’ll require you to complete a Conditions of Funding Statement. This will include what we expect you to say about acknowledging the grant. We like to set up a photo-opportunity with the Mayor. It may be at your place, or in the Mayor’s Parlour, in Kendal Town Hall. The statement will also ask you to tell us how you have spent your funding, and whether it achieved the aims you set out. You will receive a Conditions of Funding Form with the notication of your Grant.